Mission & Services

Mission Statement
Refreshing your memories is our goal.  We help you capture, restore, retouch, and present images that are important to you and your group, company, church, family, or club.

Images recall memories in two important ways; they contain meaningful moments unique to you and your group, and they contain universal symbols.  Our goal is to work with you to recognize those elements and then use the best photographic techniques to present them to the viewer.  The main goal is not "fine art," but fine art techniques are employed when they achieve the client's goal to communicate to the viewer.

     Photo Creation Philosophy
The photograph creation process is about and for the subject communicating to the viewer.  It answers the question, "What is the subject's message to the viewer?"

The photograph is not about the photographer.

The photographer helps the viewer understand and relate to the subject.  The photographer's role is to find the subject's photogenic message and translate it into a visual language the viewer can understand intuitively and quickly.

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer."
Ansel Adams

Photo Services
Examples of how we implement our Mission include the following:


We provide photo services to the following clients

  • For-profit companies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Large family events
CCAE Panorama July 4th fireworks 8829 170sq

Capture Memories: Event Photojournalism
We help you think through a photo storyboard for your event, implement the photography plan, and then create the best-fit final output in prints and/or digital files.  We work with available light and spontaneous moments as much as possible.  We use strobe lighting sparingly.  We set-up studio lighting for in-event personal, couples and group portraits.  We seek spontaneous moments and encourage event participants to request photos in real-time.

Nitro Night program cover 2010 170sq

Car Culture Photography
Street, shop, and studio photography that captures the art and culture of cruisin', hot rods, and customs.

Esc AGM Band Distinction Gallery 7914 170sq Image Editing by Perceptual Re-Imaging (sm)
The goal of perceptual re-imaging is to use editing to recapture the original perception of the story and convey in the edited image the original perception to the viewer.  This goal is achieved by editing the image perceptually to emphasize the key story-telling elements in the scene, create eye-flow to those elements, and de-emphasize distraction.
BA_Mom_Daughter_after_170sq Retouch memories
We turn your scanned photos and digital snapshots into the best images they can become.  We help make your images flattering, professional, and better story-tellers of your original intent and memory of the moment.  We retouch your digital images to correct for eye-flow, composition, color balance, dynamic range, and exposure.
BA_Grandma-Grandson_after_170sq Restore memories ~ photo restoration
The restoring process includes the retouching process listed above.  We restore and retouch your oldest, faded, and damaged photographs. Whether you're an established company that wants a lobby display of images of the founders from the founding days, or a family that wants to display a hallway gallery of family and friends, we work with existing images to archive your goals. Part of the motivation for restoring images is to preserve them on archival papers and DVDs/CDs.
MSLR-Eco-Justice-poster-2009-170-sq Adding iconic images, composite designs
In the case of projects for organizations we help create additional images that identify the organization; e.g. adding logos, product photos, facilities images, creating composite designs and posters, etc.

Online Photo Galleries for Clients

  • Public and/or password protected galleries for clients
  • Collections of 'proofs' for clients to select from for final editing
  • Fund raising galleries: Galleries clients send to their customers/guests to select and purchase digital files and/or prints as fund raising products
  • Custom web pages/galleries for client-specific uses


Technology in Support of Event Photojournalism


Mobile technology

  • Color calibrated high resolution LCD display, DVD/CD burner, archival disk media
  • Professional software for processing images, page layouts, and documents
  • High resolution photo and negative scanner
Super Rides Shop Shot 0085-96 HDR 2a-4170sq

Photography equipment includes

  • High resolution full-frame digital camera and back-up
  • Multiple strobes for on & off camera lighting with modifiers
  • Multiple studio strobes with modifiers for event portraits
  • Camera-Computer remote tethering with 17" LCD display
  • White balance sources and software

Print and digital media

  • Professional matte and luster papers
  • Archival and art papers
  • Archival digital media, CD and DVD
  • LightScribe DVD media
  • Online print services and specialty products
  • Custom lab services


Déjà Vu
"The illusion of having already experienced something
actually being experienced for the first time."

The American Heritage Dictionary