Car Culture

Shoot for Story  ~  Edit for Perception SM

"EXPRESSIONISM: The use of distortion and exaggeration for emotional effect"



     Photographing Cars, Hot Rods, Customs, and Muscle Cars

You don't have to study cars to appreciate them — just reacting to them is enough. 

Photographing cars starts with reacting to them and rewards the photographer who goes a little deeper.

Photographing cars is about communicating the car to the viewer.  The photographer considers his own biases, the car's story [which is frequently the owner's story], and the viewer's intuitive capacity to 'get' the story.  To achieve those goals it helps to give it some thought, and since thinking about it is fun too it's not that hard to get your head wrapped around it.

     Photographing Car Culture

Car Culture is an event photojournalism subject.

Car culture achieves its creative zenith at cruisin' — an emergent cultural activity that raises up the car as art, relies on performance in motion, is acted out on stage in the streets, and depends on the presence and support of an audience. 

To convey the moving dynamic car culture story, through motionless still photography, requires a narrative with an expressive emotional style. The images in these galleries frequently use an expressionism style to communicate the emotions and dynamics of cruisin' — the photos rely on "The use of distortion and exaggeration for emotional effect".

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