Restore & Retouch

Your color photos fade
All of your color photos are fading and their color balance is changing.  If enough color is lost, or just one color is lost, the image can't be restored without "painting".

We recommend that you scan your most important photos at very high resolution and quality, and store the files on archival DVD/CD media.  If you have the negatives have those scanned.  This simple step arrests the loss of your most important photos and preserves them for the future.

Archival gold DVDs advertise a shelf life of 100 years. and archival gold CDs advertise 300 years.

Once you have high quality images they can be restored and retouched at any time, including decades from now.

Retouch & Restore, Before & After
Most images are in pretty good shape, but not good enough for enlarging and being used in a wall-gallery or lobby-gallery or as a gift.  It is usually possible to restore and retouch those images to prepare them for a display you can be proud of.

Every image needs a little help.  All image benefit from composition corrections including rotating and cropping, color corrections, exposure and dynamic rang correction, decluttering, sharpening, and so on.

Before & After Examples
Below are the "before" images of typical retouched and restored photos.
Click "PLAY" to cycle between Before & After.

Balancing Rock


Grandma & Grandson


Mother & Daughter




Mildred, Black & White


Mildred, Sepia


For additional examples featuring Buddy
and Perceptual Re-Imaging (sm)
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Buddy 7993 170sq

Déjà Vu
"The illusion of having already experienced something
actually being experienced for the first time."

The American Heritage Dictionary