Client Project: Escondido's Profile

Telling Escondido's story — a photojournalism opportunity
The client's strategy is to create a dramatic photojournalism style in their printed collateral and website to attract people, businesses, and investors to Escondido, California.  To implement their approach they need images that tell Escondido's story with realism, drama, and appeal.

21 images were selected and published in City's brochure
Escondido Experience

Images from this project were featured in a show at the
Grand Opening of the Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery.

For the City's description at the exhibit click here

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The show was arranged as a storyboard
with the following sections:

Esc DWB Orfila Winery Gourmet Food 8782 170sq Dine, Wine, Brew
Sidewalk Cafes & Bistros, Gourmet Restaurants, Brewery & Wineries
  Esc AGM Arts flag 1 6750 170sq Art Life
Contemporary Art, Urban Art, Folk Art
Esc CG Cruisin' Grand Delight of France 8409 170sq Cruisin' Grand
Hot Rods, Classics, Exotics
  Esc CG Grand Ave Sign 7000 Still Grand
Tree Lined Boulevard, Restaurants, Boutiques, best Cruise Night Venue in Southern California
Esc CC Courtyard Cityscape 8078 170sq City Center
Performing Arts, Historic Park, City Hall, Theater
  Esc DWB Stone Stainless steel 7538 170sq Commerce
Business and Industrial Parks
Esc QCMG Queen Califia 6621 170sq Queen Califia's
Magical Circle

Public art images
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