HDR Exposure Experiments
Before & After

These experiments are testing the benefits of fusing up to 9 exposures in Photomatix and editing in Adobe Lightroom.  Each exposure is varied by either 0.7 EV [in the car museum] or 1.0 EV [the images from Escondido and Poway]. For the images varied by 1.0 EV the highlight and shadow areas were estimated using the camera's spot meter. The images varied by 1.0 EV have superior dynamic range compared to the images varied by 0.7 EV.

The exposures were automated by a product called Promote Control supplied by Promote Systems LLC.

The images are not "fine tuned" and intended for illustration only.  The subjects were selected for their extreme contrast under a mid-day sun.

The "before" image is the mid-range shot.  The "after" HDR image was processed in Photomatix and edited in Lightroom.