Event Photojournalism and Photo Services

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Password protected galleries for proofing, comments,
transferring digital files,
ordering prints, etc.
  Esc AGM Bua Melissa 7865 170sqEsc AGM Bua Melissa 7865 170sq About Event Photojournalism
Telling Your Event's Story
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Every event tells a story and photographs provide powerful memory triggers.

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Project Escondido
The application of photojournalism style to help tell the story of Escondido, California for their city brochure, promotions and web site


Photo Services
Mission & Examples


Event Services
Plan & Execute
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Perceptual Re-Imaging (sm)
Before & After Editing

Re-imaging a photograph to recreate the scene's story as remembered.

  BA_Mom_Daughter_after_170sq Retouch & Restore,
Before & After Editing

All images benefit from composition corrections including rotating and cropping, color corrections, decluttering, etc.


Déjà Vu
"The illusion of having already experienced something
actually being experienced for the first time."

The American Heritage Dictionary