Event Gallery: Distinction/ArtHatch Receptions

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Opening Reception
12 Sept 09


Joshua Clay's Opening Reception


Distinction Main Gallery
13 Dec 08


Esc AGM Bua Melissa 7865 560w Foreground: Justin Bua signing "The Beat of Urban Art"
Centerground: Melissa Inez Walker, Gallery Director
Background: Photographer Major Moris


Esc AGM Bua 7882 560w
Justin Bua
and associates


Esc AGM Band Distinction Gallery 7914 560w
The jazz band Upstart
Playing outside Distinction Gallery for Justin Bua's book signing event


Upstart at Distinction 7929 2a 1080h
Upstart Jazz Band
Drawing a crowd, and creating that "Urban Art" feeling
for the Justin Bua signing event