Abstract interpretive photography by

Presented in the PhotoArts Group show at
Encinitas Community Center
1140 Oakcrest Park Drive, Encinitas CA

July 22 — August 31

July 26, 1:00–4:00 pm


Las Vegas 12Oct13-036-2aLas Vegas 12Oct13-036-2a


Artists Statement for

From an online Oxford Dictionary we find the following definition of ‘emanation’:
    •    An abstract but perceptible thing that issues or originates from a source
    •    The action or process of issuing from a source
    •    A tenuous substance or from of radiation given off by something

Emanation employs several juxtapositions; structured and free forms, complementary colors, foreground and background, symmetry and asymmetry, light and blackness. Like the principle of yin-yang, the whole emanates from resolving these juxtapositions in the mind of the viewer. They exist for the viewer’s purposes.

Medium: Pearlescent/metallic silver halide emulsion photo paper, laminated on a rigid Gatorfoam backing, with a clear luster UV protective coating on the surface.