Old Glory Over Grand Avenue

Triptych photography by

Flags Cruisin' Grand Triptych IMMORTALIZED 2a 1000w w-sig


Presented at
ArtHatch/Distinction Gallery
317 E. Grand Avenue
Escondido CA

August 10th thru' September 1st

August 10th
6:30 - 10:00 pm

As a part of

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On Escondido’s Grand Avenue IMMORTALIZED merges art, cars, music, showmanship and energy to attract and entertain all generations. It’s a hip gallery and street event that excites adults, teens, and kids with its no-holds-barred cool cars and thought provoking contemporary art. It’s not only fun to go to and be a part of, it’s also fun to talk about afterwards. The photo-ops for your smart phones are endless – you can be there and share the experience with your friends.

For IMMORTALIZED Cruisin’ Grand creates a pedestrian mall on E. Grand Ave., east of Juniper, in front of Distinction-ArtHatch Galleries. Escondido’s Hot Rods & Custom Stuff invites some of SoCal’s most exclusive hot rods, custom cars, muscle cars, and dragsters to populate the space in front of the galleries. Music by Gino and the Lone Gunmen will fill the street.