The Art of Digital Show

Recognition for two Escondido Cruisin' Grand images
Two images featured in this web site's Client Project: Escondido gallery were juried for display in The Art of Digital Show, Lyceum Theatre Gallery, San Diego, Oct. 6th through Nov. 11th, 2007.

The selected images are shown below, and are part of the photo storyboard about Escondido's Cruisin' Grand.  Cruisin' Grand is Escondido's Friday night cruising event and features restored hot rods and classics displayed on Grand Avenue.  The public cruises by car and on foot to view the hot rods, muscle cars and classics on display.

Almost 2800 images from 40 countries were submitted to The Art of Digital Show for consideration.  Only 104 were selected by the show's juror, Neal Benezra, Director of he San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  It is an honor to have had image selected for this prestigious juried show.


Esc CG Red Ford Green Mini 6845 560w

Description from The Art of Digital Show catalog
"With an 'urban art' look and feel, this photo conveys a slightly satirical story about cruising on Friday night.  The sense of satire comes form the contrast between a restored early 1960s Ford — with its big-block V-8 engine under an enormous hood — against a ratty antique Mini that has no hood at all.  To accentuate the contrast, the Mini features real people who are looking directly at you.  Once eye contact is made the image is no longer about cars, but about people and our relationship with the urban scene."


Esc CG Woody 1a 6823 560w

Description from The Art of Digital Show catalog
"A circa 1930s Woody emerging on a contemporary urban cruising scene, escorted by a 1950s era Thunderbird, creates a Back To The Future sense of time in this photograph. The sense of a dynamic street-scene is amplified by manipulating the surrounding forms and colors to encourage eye-flow to the Woody and T-Bird.  The Woody, looking fresh and new, dominates within the surrounding 'modern' cars and urban elements.  Bridging time, the scene becomes timeless — and we're reminded that our creative material expressions are timeless."


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